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Lexalpine Consultants LLP

Lexalpine Consultants is a leading corporate, secretarial & legal services firm, offering one stop solutions for all corporate and legal requirements.We are Pioneer of corporate legal services sector- advising, guiding & serving companies in India & Abroad.Our legal and advisory services play, a vital role in implementing robust control mechanisms, to facilitate proper compliance, in accordance with, the challenging and ever changing regulations of the country. We have a Peerless track record with distinguished expertise and reputation for resolute work ethic.We Evolve with advancement of technology that help us perform efficiently and also to serve our clients better.Our team consists of interdisciplinary professionals who together leverage their knowledge, expertise and experience to providing quality legal services and advice to domestic and international clients across the Globe.A characteristics which set us apart from a conventional consultancy firm are a high degree of involvement and friendly approach available anytime for the client, hands on approach, understanding client objectives and identifying potential issues, all ears with even the smallest details, responsiveness and a flexible billing policy.


Our Services

Regulators and enforcement agencies have enhanced their oversight & scrutiny on regulatory compliances. Companies incorporated in India are required to comply with various provisions of Companies Act. Companies are required to obtain various licenses, certificates and approvals from several regulatory authorities. We have immense knowledge and experience in dealing with matters relating to the various corporate and related laws. Our offerings include the following

Company Law Advisory

The Companies Act 2013 has ushered new era of corporate governance, transparency and investor activism.

Intellectual Property

Successful people in the world use their imaginations, develop new ideas, explore new horizon which helps them maintain

Forex Law

Due to globalization and increasing cross border investment & trade transactions, the role of RBI & Foreign Exchange Laws..

Our Team Members

Our dedicated team comprises of competent people with extensive knowledge and experience. Our professionalism and expertise helps us to service our clients to their satisfaction. Some of the key members of our firm are:

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